Powerful social media automation to save you time

Give Cactus 15 minutes, and it will put your social media marketing on auto-pilot.

Cactus manages the marketing of your website on social media. So you don't have to.

Save time with social automation

The time-suck of social media management is gone. Input your website into Cactus, and it will automatically write, publish and recycle posts on Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter.

Recycle evergreen content

The posts that Cactus creates for your are automatically recycled and published again, unless you tell Cactus not to. Same with posts you create yourself.

Low cost solution

Most social media tools are expensive. Not Cactus. With a 30-day free trial and plans starting at less than $13/month, social media automation is now affordable.

Automate Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter

Cactus will publish your social media posts on Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter, and automatically recycle them. Set it and forget it!

Drive website traffic

Unlike other social media tools, Cactus is built for the purpose of driving traffic to your website and provides a dashboard for marketing your website on Facebook and Twitter.

Set it and forget it

With Cactus you can bulk upload Evergreen posts, so you can complete all your social media scheduling at once and never have to worry about it again.

Cactus automates these social media platforms


Cactus publishes your posts to Facebook pages, letting you continually put your message in front of your audience and drive engagement. Stop spending time posting and reposting the same Evergreen content to Facebook. Cactus automatically recycles your Evergreen content so you can free up more time.


If you are marketing to other businesses or professionals, LinkedIN is likely a critical piece of your social media marketing. Cactus lets you post to your LinkedIN company pages, and recycles the content you have marked as Evergreen. So your website is always being promoting to your audience.


Cactus lets you set and forget your Twitter marketing. The posts that Cactus automatically creates for you are published to your Twitter account, and Evergreen posts are recycled on a regular basis. Grow your audience on Twitter while not having to spend tons of time writing and re-scheduling posts.

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Automate your social media in 15 minutes with Cactus

Here's how Cactus puts your social marketing on auto-pilot

step 1

Input your website

Cactus is completely organized around managing the social media marketing of your website(s). It's also built to drive traffic to your website(s). To get started, simply input your website URL.


Auto-create posts

After you input your website, try the Auto-create posts Automation Tool. Cactus will automatically write social media posts that link to that site, scheduling them to be published on your social media platforms at a frequency that you choose.


Edit, create or bulk upload your own posts

If you want to add any additional posts, go for it. You can create a one-off, or bulk upload up to 100 posts at a time. All "Evergreen" posts will publish and recycle.

step 4

Connect to social media accounts

Cactus will prompt you to connect to your Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter accounts. You choose which page/profile you want your posts to be published on.

Save time and engage your audience with evergreen content. Start your 30 day free trial today.

Frequently asked questions

While most social media software companies are expensive (some will charge you $50/month for their cheapest plan), Cactus is truly affordable and offers plans starting at just $12.99/month. With the ability to change or cancel at any time, and no long term contracts, Cactus gives you powerful time-saving social media automation on Facebook and Twitter without the burden of a large cost.

Yes, very. Once you input your website into Cactus, it will create and schedule posts for you. Then take about 15 minutes or so to review your posts and create any new ones that Cactus did not create, you’re ready to roll. Cactus will recycle your posts too, so you don’t have to keep going back in and scheduling posts in the future. 

Yes it does! You just need to copy and paste the URL from your website and Cactus will write posts for you that link to your website. Once it creates your initial batch of posts, you will be able to review them and approve the ones you love. And then…Boom! You have evergreen posts that will repeat on a regular schedule.

That’s all good! You can always create posts on your own, or edit the posts that Cactus has created for you. Cactus gives you complete control to customize all of your posts. If you create or edit an evergreen post, your latest version will be saved and recycled.

Most definitely. As long as you have a website and a Facebook and/or Twitter account, Cactus will publish posts independently of any other platform you are using. It can serve as an affordable complementary tool that will automate your evergreen content on Facebook and Twitter.

Currently, Cactus publishes to both Facebook and Twitter. For Facebook, it will publish to the page that you select. If you have multiple websites, and multiple Facebook pages and Twitter accounts that go with them, Cactus can handle them all.

Yes you can! Using the Bulk upload posts feature, you can upload a .csv file with up to 100 posts. Your file must include text in column A, and a link to a valid URL in column B, with no column headers. Cactus will automatically schedule your posts beginning at the start date that you select. View the documentation here for more detailed instructions.