Why I created Cactus Social Media Automation

My name is Dane Menke. I have a Masters Degree in English from Cal State University Long Beach, and this is my website about low cost/open source marketing automation. You might ask: “Why are you writing a blog about marketing if you have an English degree?”

Answer: I started off as an adjunct community college English instructor, teaching college Freshman Composition and Literature classes in Orange County, CA. Then the 2008 recession hit, and I lost 60% of my work, and thus income.

After doing some re-assessing, I decided teaching wasn’t for me, and I would make a go of it in the private sector. Then I thought, “Marketing is kind of about connecting with an audience by sending a message that resonates. And that’s similar to what I’m good at – writing. So, why not try marketing?”

And the rest is history.

I’ve been in the marketing industry since 2009, and mainly worked on creative and B2B marketing. This has given me lots of exposure to marketing automation platforms, and I’ve since become so fascinated with the technology that I want to spend more time writing about it – mainly because it gives me the opportunity to learn more marketing tools and build marketing programs from the ground up.

One thing that I’ve realized is that traditional marketing automation, using the systems that I’ve used in the marketing departments at medium sized corporations, is in my opinion very expensive.

This high cost makes it impossible for many start ups and solopreneurs from launching automated marketing programs to support their efforts. And when you think about it, these are the people who need marketing automation the most, right?

So this website, cactusautomation.com, is dedicated to exploring solutions in marketing automation for the solopreneur, entrepreneur, and small business marketer.

In the process of creating this and other websites, I always found myself wanting to publish on social media to promote these sites. The problem is, it was too time-consuming. So I made an app that did it for me. That is where Cactus Social Media Automation comes in.

It was originally created for me to promote this and other websites. I really liked how it took away the planning, writing and scheduling of social media management. 

So I thought, “Maybe some other people would find this helpful too!” And that’s pretty much it. 🙂

If you’re interested in getting in touch, go ahead and email hello@cactusautomation.com. Or feel free to connect with me on LinkedIN or on Twitter @DaneMenke.

Hope you find this helpful!