6 free tools will help beef up your website content fast

If you’re a solopreneur, there is a good chance that you face the challenge of creating enough website content. It is like a beast that constantly needs to be fed.

And you might not have the bandwidth to keep up and create as much content as you’d like. I must say, this is me to a tee.

free website content add-on tools

I love blogging, and I love writing about marketing automation solutions for this website. But I just don’t get to do it as much as I’d like.

Because of this, I need all the help I can get adding content to my site. Or beefing up the existing content that I have.

So what I’m doing in this article is listin the coolest tools that I’ve found to help increase the amount of content on a website. Or augment the content you already have.

Key features that all the tools I write about here are:

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Fast to deploy
  • Valuable – they provide high value content, not just fluff or crap

And that’s what I want when it comes to content tools for a website. So, without furthur ado, here are the best fast, free tools to add more content to your website.

Huzzaz video gallery

I’ve found Huzzaz to be invaluable. I’ve used it both in my “real life” day job, and on this very website for the Mautic video tutorials page.

It’s completely free. All you have to do is go to huzzaz.com, sign up for a free account, and create your video gallery.

Huzzaz video gallery
Huzzaz lets you create video galleries very easily from existing YouTube videos. These can be your own videos, or anyone else’s.

It works by simply copy/pasting the links to YouTube videos into your gallery. There are differnt layouts and themes to choose from that all give the gallery a cool, stylish look.

Huzzaz video gallery add-on with a customizable look
The Huzzaz video gallery lets you customize the look and feel of your gallery and gives you different options to embed. It adds awesome, easy to use video content to your website.

And placing the gallery on your website is super easy as well. If you have a WordPress website, you just need to download the Huzzaz plugin, activate it, and then paste the embed code from Huzzaz onto the page where you want your gallery to display.

So if you have multiple videos on YouTube, it’s definitely worth it to create at least one gallery, and possibly more if you have a large amount of videos.

If you don’t have a lot of (or any) videos, then you can also just create your own video gallery using any videos you find on YouTube. If the videos are high quality, and relevant to your audience, the content will still be interesting and of value.

And oh yeah, and it’s free! 🙂

Stock photos from pexels.com

This falls under the category of beefing up existing content. Photos are great to increase user engagement. They provide more visual content to accompany the awesome written content on your blog post.

If you don’t have a ton of your own original photography about your topic, then stock photos can be a great way to add images to your website.

The problem with most stock photo sites is that they’re extremely expensive. Or some might be free, but do not have a good selection of quality images.

stock photos from pexels.com
Pexels.com does not disappoint. It’s a great way to make your blog posts more rich and engaging.

Pexels.com is the breakthrough that solves both these challenges.

It’s free, and it has a ton of great images. Just search for the type of image you’re looking for in the search bar and download the one that looks best to you!

I’ve never had any issue finding a great image about the topic that I’m looking for, and many of the photos on this website are from pexels.com.

Also, I haven’t mentioned this, but it’s free!

24/7 press release news feed widget

A news feed can be a great source of supplemental content to a blog or website. The 24/7 Press Release news widget is a fast, easy to use tool that lets you create one and easily embed it onto your website.

Once it’s on your site, it will always stay dynamically updated, automatically.

You don’t need a login or anything. Just go to the News Widget area on the 24-7 Press Release website and select the topics you want in your newsfeed.

They have tons of topics to choose from, and you can pick as many as you want. I suggest browsing through them and picking one or two that are most relevant to your website’s topic.

24/7 press release news widget
The News Widget from 24/7 Press Release is a very cool content add-on tool that lets you embed a constantly-refreshing feed of news articles on your website. Totally customizable, totally free.

Whenever you make any selections or changes to your newsfeed, make sure you click “Update Widget” to actually process the most current version of your newsfeed. You’ll notice that the preview of the widget on right of the screen will update.

It also has a pretty great set of options to customize your news feed widget. You can change the title, choose whether or not to include descriptive teaser text and images, and set the number of stories to display. All very easy with a couple of clicks.

Not to mention, it lets you customize the look and feel with different font choices, colors, and separators between stories.

Once you have your news feed widget dialed in, you just go to the widget code section and copy paste the code provided into your website.Most of the times I’ve used this tool, I place it in the sidebar via my WordPress widgets section.

It’s very easy to use, and totally customizable. And it provides a constant fresh source of news streaming on your website.

Besides all that, it’s free!

Custom Twitter Feeds WordPress plugin

Ah, good old Twitter! A constant stream of people saying things, good and bad, awesome and stupid. I must say I am a Twitter addict myself, and I still find it one of the best platforms to promote a website.

So, assuming you have a Twitter account promoting your website, and that website is a WordPress site, this plugin is a no-brainer.

Twitter Custom Feeds plugin for WordPress
The Twitter Custom Feeds plugin for WordPress is in my opinion a must-have if you’re tweeting on a regular basis.

It creates a customizable Twitter feed that can be placed anywhere on your site, instantly filling up real estate on your blog posts and pages with a never-ending, automatic stream of content.

Getting it up and running takes literally seconds. You just need to install the plugin “Custom Twitter Feeds” in WordPress, and then connect your website to your Twitter account in the plugin settings. This is done with the click of one button.

Once that’s done, you just copy the short code provided into whatever widget or area where you want your feed to display.

This is quite customizable also. There are options to display retweets or not, set the exact number of tweets you want to show, and customize the colors and other style elements of your feed.

You can even set the feed to display content with a specific hastag!

It’s a great feeling when you pop a plugin onto your site, and it starts providing perfectly tailored stream of content for your website in a manner of seconds.

This very handy content beefer-upper is totally free!

YouTube video embeds

This is not exactly the same as the above Huzzaz tool. Huzzaz is awesome, but in some cases it’s more fitting to simply embed one YouTube video straight onto your post.

This is a technique that I use often, both with my own videos and the videos of others. In fact, another website I manage, lowglycemicidexplan.com, has a ton of embedded YouTube videos throughout the site.

The main benefit here is that it’s great at making an existing post a lot more engaging. Let’s say you have some great ideas in text form on your blog, and even some cool images. Adding a video to the post adds that extra engaging element that can keep your users interested.

Even if you don’t have any videos on YouTube, it’s all good. You can still embed other people’s videos. As long as the content is relevant and interesting, you’ll be helping your site with beefier content, not hurting it.

Also, I think this goes without saying, but the people whose videos you’re embedding will benefits with greater exposure as well!

In fact, in some cases, embedding someone else’s YouTube video might provide a great opportunity to create a partnership. Reach out and see if they’ll link back your website or share your post on social media.

This can only benefit your website, feeding it with more traffic and making your content more engaging.

The best part about this: it doesn’t cost a penny.

UCALC custom online calculator

One thing that I love to do online – and I know I’m not the only one – is to use online calculators and tools.

Anything from finding my ideal insurance policy to getting an estimate of my life expectancy can be done online with a calculator tool.

I found UCALC, and it’s awesome. It is a free tool that lets you build your own custom online calculator, and then embed it on your website. Here is an example calculator that this tool can create. It shows the click through rate of a website.

This is a very simple example, but you can create one that is geared toward your audience and industry. It’s simple to use and highly customizable.

UCALC comes with a series of fields and data types you can add to your calculator, and a set of color schemes that you can choose from to give your calculator a more on-brand feel.

UCACL online calculator with a customizable design
With UCALC you can create a calculator that is on brand, matching your website’s look and feel.

Once you have your fields set, you then update your formula by telling UCALC how to do the math of your calculator. This is all in a very clear, simple interface.

UCALC formula
You can build any kind of online calculator for your website with the formula tool on UCALC.

You can preview your calculator to make sure it’s dialed in to what you want. Finally, when you have something you’re pleased with, you can copy the code and paste it into your website wherever you want it to appear.

UCALC embed code
Once your calculator is ready to place on your site, you simply copy and paste the embed code.

The huge benefit of this tool is that it adds a great, engaging piece of content that your users can really get into, and continue to use over and over again. People love these kinds of online tools because it lets them imagine different scenarios and control the inputs to get different results.

So overall, this is a great way to beef up your website content. And it’s free!

Hopefully this is helpful. I know coming up with content for a blog is not easy, and sometimes it’s great to have free tools that make the content of a blog more substantial.

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