Five reasons why solopreneurs should get Mautic, the free marketing automation system, now

If you’re a solopreneur, you understand all too well the constraints of limited time and resources. Unlike large enterprise marketing operations, you’re not able to hire a new head count at the drop of a hat, or just allocate some budget space for an enterprise marketing automation system.

As a result, if you’re like me, you’re constantly looking for solopreneur time/cost saving hacks that will let you increase your efficiency or get more done at less cost. This is the way of the world for the solopreneur.

Mautic can help entrepreneurs succeed
Getting Mautic, the open source marketing automation system, will give the solopreneur or start up a powerful marketing tool that can allow you to compete with industry juggernauts.

That’s why I love WordPress, namely that it is open-source (free) and easy to install and use. It’s the ultimate time and cost-saving hack for lean businesses, and it’s widely used. (By far the most commonly used content management tool in the world to date.)

For the same reason I love WordPress, I love Mautic even more.

Mautic is an open source (free) marketing automation system that is easy to use and costs you absolutely nothing. Seriously, for real, not one cent for unlimited use.  

And unlike WordPress, there are not nearly the amount of competitors in the same space. (If there is a Drupal or Joomla equivalent out there competing with Mautic that I’m unaware of, please do let me know.) And it’s not just that there not many (no?) open source alternatives to Mautic. It’s also that the paid alternatives, which are many (Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Hubspot, to name the biggest players), cost so much money and are simply cost prohibitive to solopreneurs.

This means that Mautic is even more valuable than WordPress simply on the basis of how much money it saves and the value it’s able to deliver.

I cannot stress enough what a competitive disadvantage lean marketers were at when there was no open source marketing automation available. Those days are gone now. Mautic has evened the playing field.

If you are a solopreneur, entrepreneur, or low-budget marketer, just how valuable is Mautic to you and how can it help transform your business? If you consider just some of the reasons I’m about to outline, I’m confident you’ll agree that you need to start Mautic today.

Reason #1: Mautic is free

This is the most important reason, and I estimate will remain so.  Regardless of features, it has ever other system on offer badly beaten when it comes to cost. It simply cannot be overstated the value delivered in an open source marketing automation system.

When you compare Mautic to the paid marketing automation solutions that are out there, the value becomes starkly obvious.

mautic is free
Just a brief survey of the some of the marketing automation platforms available today. These are very high cost. Marketo will not even list their pricing publicly. Drip has a free option, but only at such a low tier of contacts that you will not be able to run a profitable business at that level. Mautic, by comparison, is free with unlimited contacts and emails.

See what I mean? Mautic represents a cost savings of thousands of dollars per month/year for most solopreneurs. We can only imagine a day when, due to trail blazers like Mautic, paying $1,200 a month for a basic business-to-business marketing automation system is as rare as paying $1,200 a month for a basic business-to-business website.

Reason #2: Mautic automates your email marketing

One of the main reasons why marketing automation has become a must-have instead of a nice-to-have is that businesses simply do not have the time to reach out to all of their customers or prospects in person or over the phone. Instead, they focus on nurturing their key, most important accounts in person, and use email marketing to nurture the rest.

“The rest” usually amounts to many more people than the close, strategic accounts who you actually talk to on a regular basis. So email marketing is the main channel of communication that businesses have to keep their products or solutions top-of-mind for the vast majority of their prospects and customers.

So email marketing is absolutely crucial for the solopreneur or small business. It is a must-have.

Not only that, it is critical to have automated email marketing, so that you can deliver strategic messages based on where you prospects are at in the buying cycle. If they are at a new stage where they are just barely getting to know your brand, you can send them basic information about your solutions or industry. On the other hand, if they’re advanced and have already received a quote or visited your pricing page, for example, you can send them more detailed information about your features and benefits, how you are distinct from your competitors, why they should buy from you instead of them, etc.

The founder of Mautic, David Hurley, explains how Mautic dynamically automates marketing messages like emails in this podcast interview published on The Sales Lion’s website here.

You can also place prospects into drip marketing programs, that send automated emails about your products on a regular basis that you determine. Here is a video where I show how you can set up a simple drip email marketing campaign in Mautic.

All of this is possible with Mautic, giving the solopreneur a tremendous time and resource saving asset, allowing them to stay in touch with more people without committing more time and money to do so.

Reason #3: Mautic is joyfully easy to use

Using the word “joyful” here is not an understatement. If you have used paid enterprise marketing automation solutions, you know that they are usually highly complex. These systems are often made difficult on purpose, as there is an entire industry offering education and various certifications of these platforms.

Mautic, on the other hand, is not difficult to use.

It features a very simple dashboard and easy-to-navigate admin menu. And within this menu there are not a boatload of choice; just what you need to start automation your marketing processes in a simple way.

Mautic dashboard
Mautic is very easy to use, with a simple dashboard and a useful but not overwhelming set of features.

It is not bloated full of all kinds of features. David Hurley, the founder of Mautic has even stated that this is a key objective in any open source software. So you do not have to worry about configuring your way through fifteen different screens just to set up a basic drip email campaign.

In addition to ease of use, there are also a wide array of resources to help beginners get started with Mautic, such as the tutorial videos or the blog articles on this website. For example, you can set up an complete drip email marketing program in less than 20 minutes, for sure. No joke!

Reason #4: Mautic is quick and easy to set up

One of the things that sometimes turns people away from Mautic is that, in order for it to be truly free of charge, you have to self-host it. Which means that you have to install it.

This immediately sounds “techie” and off-putting to some people, but it really isn’t. If you have your own website, that means you on some level have hosting experience. In order to launch your website you need to launch it on a server. And the exact same is true for Mautic.

I have a blog post and a video on how to install Mautic using C-Panel with Softaculous. Most hosting providers give you access to C-Panel. This method takes literally 10 minutes, and is not difficult at all. If you do not know how to access C-Panel on your server, ask your hosting provider and they should point you to the right place.

Here is the video on how to install Mautic, just so you have no excuses 🙂

Reason #5: Mautic saves you time to focus on other tasks

If you are a solopreneur, or have multiple careers, or are working a full time job while trying to get your passion project off the ground, one thing will always be true: you need more time.

This is the way of the world today.

There are not enough hours in the day, and as a result, getting that side project off the ground is really a matter of finding the time to do it – because it does take a lot of time. Product development, marketing strategy, finance, the legal and administrative stuff – it all takes time. Not to mention the other commitments of life.

Mautic takes one time suck out of the equation. And that is marketing. You don’t need to worry about constantly writing emails and sending them out to your customers or prospects. Instead, you can just set up your emails in advance, up front, and then automate them to go out to your prospects for the rest of time. Meanwhile, you are doing other things like trying to sell, or focussing on growing your brand or business.

Honestly, I’ve just scratched the surface on how awesome Mautic is. It is truly a tool that can even the playing field between the fledgling solopreneur and the established corporation. For these reasons, if you are starting a business or already have a business that’s operating on a tight budget, you really should get Mautic now.

And I must repeat: it’s completely 100% free.

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