How to ensure your Mautic campaign emails are coming from the right email address and sender

Mautic sender email settings

In this article I’m going to walk through how to set up the sender name and sending email address for your emails in Mautic. This is going to require us to go over the different ways you can configure email settings in Mautic.

I am mainly concerned with emails that come from Mautic campaigns. So I won’t be touching on one-off emails or emails sent one-to-one directly to a contact from Mautic.

In my opinion, it’s critical to know the sender name and the sending email address that your Mautic campaign emails are coming from.

First of all, what is the sending name and sending email address?

Whenever you get an email, you will always see the sender name and the email address that it came from.

As an example, here’s an email from my gmail account where I’m writing with a company about getting a baseball bat engraved. In this email, the sender name of the engraving company is listed as “OC Engraving -Contact” and the email address is

Example sender in email
Here’s a one-to-one email showing the sender name and sender email address. Similarly, marketing emails have a sender name and email address, and they can both be configured in Mautic via three different ways.

This works the exact same way with any emails sent from any marketing automation system, including Mautic.

For your campaign emails in Mautic, you can control exactly what shows up in the inbox of your contacts as the sender’s name, and the email address.

Why is it important to get the sender email correct?

In my opinion, making sure you know the sender name and email address of your campaign emails is a critical component of email marketing. It’s just as important as crafting a good subject line, writing a message that connects with your audience, having a clear call to action, etc.

It’s important because the contact will see the name and connect that name in their mind to your business.

And more importantly, they will be able to respond directly to the sending email address.

For many types of email campaigns, you will want to know whether your contacts are replying directly to your emails or not.

This is especially true if the purpose of your campaign is to set up a meeting or make some kind of appointment or sale with your contact. You might have a clear call to action with a button guiding them to a landing page. But even with this, contacts will instead bypass that button and reply directly to your email.

In that event, you want to make sure that you don’t miss these replies.  They could be leading to revenue opportunities.

So making sure that you know your Mautic campaign emails are coming from the correct sender name and email address is critical in not missing these replies.

How to configure the sender name and email address in Mautic

OK, so now that we know why this is important, let’s go over how to input your sender name and email address in Mautic.

I found it surprising that there are (at least) three different ways in Mautic to determine what the sender and sending email are. And the tricky part is, some of them override the others. So if you enter an email in one place, and the setting is different in another, you might not be sending the email from the address that you want to.

This all gets kind of tricky, so let’s go through each method. I’ll start with the general Mautic configuration settings.

Method #1: Mautic configuration email settings

If you go to the settings gear icon, then Configuration from the left menu, and then go to Email settings, you will be able to enter a Name to send the email as, and a Email-address to send mail from.

System settings in Mautic
Here is how my default sender name and email address are set up in the main Mautic settings.

For example, I have my general email settings in Mautic set to:

These are my default settings. So in a test campaign, I sent an email to a test contact, and here is how the sender name and email address appeared:

example mautic campaign
This test campaigns shows that Mautic is sending the email from the same sender name and email address that I set up under the system settings.

These are the general settings in Mautic, and if none of the other methods listed below are used, your campaign emails will come from the email address and sender name that you specify here.

Method #2: In the Advanced tab of your email (This will override your Mautic email configuration settings)

The Mautic email configuration settings can be overridden by setting a different name and address in your settings for the email itself.

When you create emails in Mautic, you can edit them. From the main menu in Mautic, go to Channels > Emails, then select your email and click “Edit”.

In the Edit screen, you’ll see an advanced tab, and here you will find settings where you can input the From name and From address of this particular email.

Mautic edit email screen
From the Mautic main menu, go to Channels > Emails, and find the email you want to edit. This is another way to set the email sender, and it will override the Mautic overall system settings.

Note that these settings are *for this email only*. They will not apply to anything else.

Also of note in this area, is that you can set a different reply to address if you would like.

Here’s an example of a test email that I created in Mautic, and input the From name as “Hello from Cactus” and the From address as “”.

mautic email edit change sender
Under the Advanced tab from the email edit screen, I changed the sender settings for *this particular email only*.

So, when a campaign in Mautic sends this email, this overrides the general Mautic settings. In my Mautic email configuration settings, the the name is input as Dane Menke and the email address is set to  

However, you can see in the example here sent from a Mautic campaign, that the sender is Hello from Cactus and the sending email address is

sender email changed successfully
In this example email sent from a Mautic campaign, I input a different email sender name and email address, and this change overrode the Mautic system settings.

The specific email settings under the Advanced tab in the email itself override the general Mautic configuration email settings.

There is another way to determine the sender name and email address from a Mautic campaign email. And it overrides both of the options that I’ve just described.

Method #3: Mailer is owner (the “master” method that overrides all others)

As near as I can tell, if you have the “Mailer is owner” option toggled to ON, this will override any other settings.

To access this option, go back to the same area in settings that I talked about in Method #1 above.

Mautic mailer is owner
Here is where the Mailer is owner settings can be toggled on in Mautic.

This option essentially means that the email from your Mautic campaigns will come from the contact’s assigned owner.

The owner is always going to be a user in Mautic.

Mautic example contact owner
In this test example contact, the contact owner is “Test Gmail Gmail User”. So this user should be the default sender of all Mautic campaign emails if “Mailer is Owner” is set to on.

For example, in this fake, test contact that I created, the owner is called “Test Gmail Gmail User”. If I go into the user’s settings, I can see the first and last name, plus the email address of the user.

Mautic example user settings
Going into the user settings for the contact owner, you can find the name and email address of the Mautic user, which will be the sender of the email if the “Mailer is owner” option is toggled on.

So if I toggle the Mailer is owner option to ON, any emails sent to this person from a campaign will come from the name Test Gmail Gmail User, and the email address displayed in the above user settings.

Here is an example of a test email that was sent from my campaign in Mautic with the Mailer is owner option set to ON.

example Mautic campaign email
In this final example, the “Sender is Owner” option in Mautic settings has overrode both of the previous two settings discussed in this article.

This setting is the master, so regardless of my settings in the previous 2 methods that I showed you, my emails will come from the contact’s owner.

That’s it! Hopefully now you have a better grasp on how to be certain your Mautic campaign emails are coming from the sender and email address that you want them to come from.

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