How to use the Cactus bulk upload posts feature

We are excited to announce that Cactus Social Media Automation now has the ability to bulk upload Evergreen posts!

This tool allows solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small business marketers the ability to write their evergreen posts and upload them all into Cactus at once. So if there are some posts that Cactus did not automatically create for you when you first entered your website, you can now add them all in one quick task.

How to bulk upload posts in Cactus Social Media Automation

Since these are set to Evergreen by default, you can upload them one time, and they will automatically be recycled. So you can set it and forget it, while still having complete control over your message on social media.

It is accessible in the left menu of the Cactus Social Media Automation app under the link titled “Bulk upload posts”.

Bulk upload posts is limited to 100 posts per upload. This is due to API usage limits and ultimately helps keep Cactus affordable for everyone.

Scheduling of posts is automatic, based on the number of posts per day you have selected for that website.

Here’s how the Bulk upload posts tool works.

From the admin menu on the left side, click “Bulk upload posts”.

Cactus bulk upload posts

If you want to start from a preformatted CSV file, you can download an example using the button “Download example csv file”.

Your upload file must be in csv file format, without any headers. Do not include dates in the file, as you will determine a “start date” for the posts in the bulk upload posts form.

In column A, include some text. In column B, include a valid URL. Rows in your csv file without both text and a URL will not be uploaded as posts.

Cactus Social Media Automation bulk upload posts

Once you have uploaded your .csv file, select a website that these posts will be associated with. Cactus will use this to match these posts to the correct social media profiles and list your newly uploaded posts on the post page for that website.

Finally, select a “start date” for your posts. Cactus is going to automatically schedule your bulk-uploaded posts, and it will use whichever date you select here as a starting point, and then schedule the rest from that date.

Cactus will use whichever number of posts per day you selected for that website when you first input your website.

We are very excited that this new feature will provide even more powerful automation for marketers, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, while still giving you the complete control over your message.

If you have any questions, contact Cactus Social Media Automation at, use the chat feature on this page, or contact us via our website.


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