Put your social media on auto-pilot

Cactus provides automated marketing of your evergreen content on Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter.  Drive more traffic to your website, grow your audience and save time.

Cactus automates these social media platforms


Cactus publishes your posts to Facebook pages, letting you continually put your message in front of your audience and drive engagement. Stop spending time posting and reposting the same Evergreen content to Facebook. Cactus automatically recycles your Evergreen content so you can free up more time.


If you are marketing to other businesses or professionals, LinkedIN is likely a critical piece of your social media marketing. Cactus lets you post to your LinkedIN company pages, and recycles the content you have marked as Evergreen. So your website is always being promoting to your audience.


Cactus lets you set and forget your Twitter marketing. The posts that Cactus automatically creates for you are published to your Twitter account, and Evergreen posts are recycled on a regular basis. Grow your audience on Twitter while not having to spend tons of time writing and re-scheduling posts.

Promote one or many websites

Cactus will publish posts promoting your website on social media, with the ability to promote from 1 to 20 websites.

Automated post creation

Input your website into Cactus, and it will automatically write posts linking to your site.

Automated publishing to social media

Cactus will publish your posts to Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter automatically on a regular recurring schedule.

Multiple posts per day

All Cactus plans include the ability to publish up to five posts per day for each of your websites on Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter.

Content recycling

Evergreen posts are continuously posted in the future, so you don't have to re-write or re-schedule your posts.

Bulk upload posts

Write your own posts and load them into Cactus. We'll recycle them until you tell us not to.

Schedule one-off posts

In addition to automated recycling of your Evergreen content, you can write and schedule a one-off post.

24/7 support

Cactus is very easy to use, but if you have any questions or would like some assistance, we're here for you.

Bulk upload Evergreen posts

You can upload up to 100 posts at once, all of which are Evergreen, so you never need to upload them again.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes! It is about as automated as social media marketing on Facebook and Twitter can get. You just enter your website. After that, Cactus will automatically create posts linking to your website and recycle those posts on a regular basis. If you want to edit the posts that Cactus has created, or create new ones that Cactus did not create, you can do that too. Cactus will save your changes and keep them for future posts. We recommend spending about 15 minutes editing your posts. After that you are on auto-pilot.

When you enter your website, Cactus scans it and makes posts that contain links to it. It also pulls in text from the page to create a message for your audiences on Facebook and Twitter. You can select to send between 1 and 5 posts per day, and Cactus will publish those posts to Facebook and Twitter automatically throughout the day.

Evergreen posts are posts that will automatically recycle and publish again in the future. To make a post evergreen, you can check the Evergreen checkbox in the easy-to-use Post Edit screen. Evergreen content is key to developing a strong online presence, and with Cactus Social Media Automation, you can continually share this content with your audience without spending the time to write the posts, login to Facebook and Twitter, and publish them.

Currently Cactus Social Media Automation publishes to Facebook and Twitter. We are considering adding additional platforms, and will keep our audience apprised of any new features in the future. We have found that tremendous growth and value is possible through Facebook and Twitter as an online marketing tool, and when combined with Cactus Social Media Automation, marketers get the power to engage their audience and drive traffic to their website at a very low cost with minimal investment of time.

Absolutely. You can select any Cactus plan to suite your needs, from 1 website to 20. Visit the pricing page to view available choices and choose the plan that works best for you. If you decide that you want a different plan, you can switch at any time, or cancel your plan all together. (Although I don’t see why you’d want to do that; automated Facebook and Twitter marketing is pretty sweet!) Cactus does not require any long term contracts.